About Annrae

Annrae Angel has served as an attorney in courtrooms from Santa Cruz to Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties over the past three decades.

Annrae with daughter, son and dogs

Having argued thousands of cases before dozens of judges in her long career, Annrae has personally experienced the value of having a smart, strong, hardworking judge listen to and decide a case. As a legal intern, she worked with the District Attorney in Sonoma County. As an attorney, Annrae's work has ranged from civil to family law to capital cases. In recent years, Annrae's practice has focused on criminal law throughout the greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz County, and she has served as a temporary judge in small claims court. 

Just being in court can change people's lives. A judge must work hard to turn that change into a transformation.

Through this varied career, Annrae has come to appreciate deeply the difference a good judge can make in the lives of regular people. She has learned the value of making the right decision in a hard situation, knowing the law and following it, and remaining aware of all the options available to victims and defendants alike.

Her extensive experience with court-appointed cases and low-income clients has committed Annrae to diligence and creativity in the courtroom and to working proactively with new laws designed to find effective alternatives to our overcrowded prisons, while keeping the community safe. Annrae’s further experience with family, civil and small claims law, provides her with the professional breadth, maturity and composure needed to provide calm and compassion in the courtroom.

A Central Coast native, Annrae completed a double BA in Political Science and Business Management at Sonoma State University and a law degree from McGeorge University in Sacramento, before returning home 27 years ago to raise her two children here in Santa Cruz with her late husband, environmental attorney Keith Sugar.